SWARMWISE The Tactical Manual To Changing The World - Éducation sans certificat

SWARMWISE The Tactical Manual To Changing The World

Somewhere today, a loose-knit group of acti­vists who are having fun is drop­ki­cking a rich, esta­bli­shed orga­ni­za­tion so hard they are making heads spin. Rich and resour­ce­ful orga­ni­za­tions are used to living by the gol­den rule — “those with the gold make the rules.” New ways of orga­ni­zing go beyond just brea­king the old rules into down­right shred­ding them — lea­ving exe­cu­tives in the dust, won­de­ring how that band of poor, rag­tag, disor­ga­ni­zed acti­vists could pos­si­bly have bea­ten their rich, well-struc­­tu­­red organization.